Stay Fit, Stay Notified

You won't just send and receive message, calls and mail more easily and efficiently. You will express yourself in unique, fun and more personal ways.

Finding your style

in the series of three colors

Aluminium. Light but no lightweight

We created a type of metal material. It has high strength but very light weight. That makes it very perfect for the most active lifestyles. it's also exceptionally pure, with a beautiful consistent appearance that's difficult to achieve with traditional materials

More rigid guard

CG iWear, that is art of line arc, interleave of masculine and grace, unique design with symmetrical aesthetics.

CG iWear has exclusive independent patent design. See it and love it.

CNC unibody, blend of light & shadow

Special frosted texture metal surface treatment, elegant and restrained. CNC highlight chamfering, letting CGiWear outstanding with masculine. That's just the portrayal of diverse characters of youth.

Charge it overnight, use it all day

Long stand-by time, always by your side. You'll want to use U watch all day long. So we give it a batter that lasts upto 8 hours* and made charging it at the end of day utterly effortless.

Call Answer

Intelligent fast phone book synchronizer, one key dail or answer, without missing any calls from relatives, friends, and customers.

Message Push

Messages from Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, SMS and other social application will be pushed to your smart watch immediately.

Phone Book Synchronize

After connected with cell phones, the phonebook could be synchronized to U watch.

Familiar apps in a brand-new form

The CG iWear apps you use everyday gave been completely rethought & redesigned. Not simply smaller versions, they are tailored just for CG iWear. In fact, you might find that some of your favorite apps are even more handy to use when they are on your wrist.