Feel the thrill

Feel the thrill of 3D movies in CG VR Shinecon

Supreme Comfort

It has been ergonomically crafted with your comfort in mind. You can put it on, relax, and enjoy the ultimate fun.

Exhilarating Experience

Experience the excitement of exhilarating 3D games on CG VR Shinecon

Seamless Control

Easily connect the bluetooth remote control to your mobile & seamlessly control the play

Put On & Adjust as Needed

Now you’ll want to try on the headset and get it properly adjusted. The headset definitely shines when it comes to this. There’s a dial on top for adjusting the PD and FD (including within 600 degrees of myopia – no need to wear glasses), a knob on both sides for adjusting the object distance, and lenses that can be moved further apart or closer together for focal adjustment.